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McCullough J High School10

The Woodlands, TX | Montgomery County


March 26, 2015

This place is so crowded that you cant even take your backpack into the classroom. This amounts to a waste of time for the students as well as more of a chance to get your stuff stolen or forget your stuff. On top of that not many students are friendly and no one bothers to explain anything to you if you are new.

August 24, 2014

This school is so OBSESSED over how your water bottle is, alright, your water bottle has to be transperant, but not colored transperant. Oh and you'll have to be able to throw it away. Also the water is 2 dollars, and plastic goes bad after a while. And you can't use the water fountains because they're insanitary and that's gross. The teachers will act like they're the only ones giving you homework and make a big deal about it during class. If you think the teachers here are enthusiastic about students getting involved in class conversations, well, you're wrong. Do you know how many times I've felt unappreciated and left out? Simply because the teachers sighs and rolls there eyes whenever I have something to ask?

May 17, 2014

I am a current student at this school and it is a great athletic school. Teachers are quick to pick their favorite students. So if your child is an active participant in athletics this is a great school for them. Now i get to the arts. Really from my point of view the orchestra is overlooked while band and choir get all the praise. So if your child is an active participant in athletics or band this is a great school. But if your child isn't in any of these program or outgoing they will hate this school as most of the students in this school do.

May 7, 2014

I have had two of my three kids go to McCullough Jr. High. I pulled the second one mid-way through her 8th grade year. Before attending this school both of my two older kids LOVED school and were in advanced classes. That all changed here. Others are not exaggerating when they say it is CROWDED. There are thousands of kids in this school. There are lots of issues with this school. I found out that several of the kids were cutting and self mutilating, vomiting and restricting calories to fit in. Try to bring this stuff up to the staff and they will nod in agreement at your parent meeting and then do nothing when you leave their office. The teachers spend more time yelling at the class than actually teaching in the level courses. Once when I went to pick up my kid for a dr. appt. they were about to perform a "lock-down" drill and the office staff threatened to lock me in the cafeteria until it was over! I called my kid on her cell phone and told her to RUN to the office, I pulled her the next day. My neighbor's kid is in athletics and their experience is completely different.

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June 26, 2013

I just finished my two years at McCullough and I am SO happy that its over. The teachers punish you for every little thing and give you so much homework its nearly impossible to finish in one night. I would have loved to be in a sport here but you have to be like a professional to make a team. And don't even get me started on the students. If your not rich and act like everyone else, your going to be looked down upon. The kids are so snobby and rude. The principal and staff only pay attention to the star athletes and A plus students. My 3 siblings have attended this school before and all transferred out before 8th grade. Unfortunately I didn't get that option. Overall, if your thinking about having your child attend this school, please reconsider. Unless he/she are any of the above.

June 3, 2012

This is very large, upscale, white, suburban, overachieving junior high school. It is the largest of its kind in the State, with nearly 1,000 kids in each grade. Its families are the cream of the upscale crop of the Houston area. Principal Chris McCord is an extremely successful manager, although very old-fashioned in many ways. McCullough is run with a obsession on just 2 areas: academics and athletics. And in those 2 areas, McCullough is on its way to breaking every record in the book. Their test scores are consistently excellent, especially amazing for a school its size. And the school is a best-in-state athletic powerhouse in every sport, and could easily compete with most high schools if given the chance. And that's about it for life at McCullough. Things like arts, poetry, environmentalism, cultural expressions, social service, technology, and other "progressive" agendas aren't really on the radar much. At McCullough, it's a tight ship - the bells run on time, the doors are locked, the kids are safe, and everybody gets their shot at the test scores and the starting lineups. Students who aren't jocks or brains will need to look around a little more to find a niche.

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May 14, 2012

This school is amazing! as a kid that moved all the time before moving into the woodlands i can say that McC IS THE BEST! kids are nice and teachers are outstanding! all sports teams are amazing(we always win!;) Learning is great all new technology in EVERY classroom!!!!!!:D i am so sad to say that i have to move again after 2 years at mcC and cant seem to find a school near as good to me now that i have gone here! if you are going to go to this school you should be ready for an amazing time overall! go highlanders!:D

May 11, 2012

This is an overall excellent school. They use an older style approach--hard core studying, testing, and homework. Do your best of fail---no spoon feeding or pampering at this place. It's a breath of fresh air in my opinion. My daughter has experienced a challenging and somewhat competitive environment, and we have worked with her to acheive her best in academics and extracurricular. Some parents will complain on this site, because this type of strategy will be intimidating. If you are looking for a school to baby your kid and just process him/her through the system with little to no worries or if your kid is lazy and you lack the will to discipline, then I suggest a different school....look into a local charter or private school.....

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February 20, 2012

I just moved here and making friends was so hard not everyone was nice to me and I barely have friends still!! I do not like it yes they have smart students but we get a lot of hone work and I am not just saying that because I do not like it I am up until 12 o'clock doing my home work even with some help I do not like it my friend cried because of it and so have I and I'm way more than half the year and I still do. Kids here are not nice to me I feel like an outcast

April 8, 2011

The teachers and staff are great at their jobs. Tthe school has a lot of choices for extracurricular activites and wonderful coaches over these programs. The teachers prepare the students academically for higher education in a way that is enjoyable for the students. The school's atmosphere is friendly and safe even though the school building is very large. Mr. McCord, the principal, does a great job of interacting with the students and making sure things run smoothly in the classrooms, hallways, and outside the building.

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August 31, 2010

This is our second year at McC and we are VERY pleased! The administration is out in the hallways at every class change and during drop off and pick up. It is a large school; however, it is ran very well and trully prepares each child for highschool. There are many activities for students to be involved in including amazing fine arts. The only draw back is the stiff competion, but that is the way the entire area is and life for that matter.

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August 26, 2010

Most of the reviews of McCullough on here don't give you the whole truth. Yes, the school is crowded. But what would you expect of a school in such a big town? And yes, we are focused on sports (especially footbally), but this is TEXAS for crying out loud! All schools here are! For the most part, this school is AMAZING!!! The classes are all very good and the teachers are passionate about their subjects. There are a wide varity of classes on many different levels. Even with so many people, it is not difficult to excel. You can at least pass if you DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! People always complain that they're failing, but none of them do the work! The principals are a bit tough, but aren't out to get you; they want to help. Most people who go here tend to love it! GO HIGHLANDERS!!

August 21, 2010

Mccullough is the most organized and most efficient at teaching i have ever attended. They give you a whole SEVEN minuites to get to class, which is MORE than enough time to use the restroom and visit your locker if your pace is faster then that of a snail and you use time wisely. The advanced classes are excellent, the teachers are very firm, but i cannot advise on the 'level' classes, for I have never been in one. They have a great before school tutoring program, and I have attended it multiple times, all with very good results. If you study hard, pay attention, and use time wisely, you will most definitely succeed in this wonderful learning environment!

June 10, 2010

This school is so large that the students walk shoulder-to-shoulder between classes, and are expected to cross the school in minutes (a former high school, huge campus). There is not enough time given to use the restroom and go to lockers and the next class, and kids are not permitted to use the restroom during class. The entire focus of the staff is on managing behavior, so even the slightest mistake (forgetting your pencil or perhaps leaving homework in your locker) is deemed under the wide umbrella of "disruptive," and calls for detention. Everything the kids do, short of remaining silent, is punished. The school is full of teachers hired merely to whip the kids in line (shouting, and sending to principal). At orientation, the principal said not to consider sports there unless your kid was already in that sport for years. They marginalize the students. Daily. Very sad.

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June 10, 2010

My grandchild went to school here. Read between the lines of the other reviews: This school will be glad to work with the child who is already excelling and needs nothing; but at some point any child may need extra consideration or help, not just special needs children, and this school will not give it. Note that the other reviews confirm this. They may promise minimal accommodations after years of begging, but they will not even follow through or follow the law on those. They are just moving students through and taking credit for the ones who test well.

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